Do you suffer from nagging, long-term joint pain or arthritis that gets in the way of your lifestyle?

Stem cell therapy is an exciting new therapy option that treats arthritis, nagging joint pain, cartilage and muscle issues, all without the need for painful, invasive surgery! After even one stem cell treatment session, many of our patients experience noticeable relief from the pain that had kept them from living their best life.

If you are interested in learning more about how this revolutionary alternative to joint surgery could change your life, join us at one of our lunch or dinner Stem Cell Seminar Sessions. We’ll tell you about what stem cell treatments can and can’t do, and how these treatments might be able to relieve your joint pain in less time than invasive surgery. Also, we’ll talk about how many of our patients love the fact that they feel like their strength, mobility and range-of-motion return more quickly, without the long recovery times, surgery complications, anesthesia, and intensive rehabilitation that other treatment options often require.

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As our gift to you, enjoy a free meal while you learn how our treatment options could get you on the road to recovery!

Stem Cell Treatments Worked for Them:

Stem Cell Therapy Testimonial from Chicagoland Medical on Vimeo.

Nancy’s Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial from Chicagoland Medical on Vimeo.

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Stem cell regeneration therapy utilizes amniotic stem cells that DO NOT derive from an embryo, but from the amniotic sac. The extraction process is called amniocentesis and does not harm the embryo at all. These cells can also be extracted from amniotic fluid as well. This is a non-controversial and non-harmful way to unleash the power of stem cells.

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