Here are some of our chiropractic and medical videos, commercials and testimonials, featuring satisfied customers and Pure Health Aurora’s own Dr. Olson. Enjoy!

What Our Patients are Saying

I suffered from chronic migraines and Fibromyalgia. Since receiving treatment, I have not experienced one migraine. I have only had 2 small flare ups of Fibromyalgia that were decreased in intensity and length. I have more flexibility and energy and am going to start an exercise program, which I have been unable to do in a year or more.

– J.G.- Aurora, IL
– Pure Health

Our son was suffering for months with sinus pressure headaches. He missed about 20 days of school from November to March due to the pain. He was tested for allergies and there were no allergies
found. Antibiotics were prescribed, but they didn’t clear up the problem. Finally, we went to Dr. Olson for help. After 6 weeks of adjustments, as well as daily sinus washes, and adding Vitamin C, multivitamins, and pro-biotic to his diet, our son is finally feeling like his happy self!

– K.J.- Aurora, IL
– Pure Health

I was in quite a bit of pain after my accident, but within a week of care, my symptoms improved. My pain decreased as the weeks went on. I was able to move around more freely and get back to my daily activities. I was able to enjoy my vacation to Disney World a month after my accident, mostly pain free and able to participate more than I expected.

– M.H.- Sugar Grove, IL
– Pure Health

I came in with severe pain in my lower back, which then traveled down to the side of my leg. Currently, my pain has decreased tremendously and I am able to do things like walk longer distances. What’s even better is that the numbness is almost completely gone!

– H.L.- Batavia, IL
– Pure Health

I have really enjoyed the care I have received by Dr. Olson and his staff! The traction and spine stabilization exercises have really helped improve my posture.

– S.M.- Aurora, IL
– Pure Health