Knee Pain

knee pain

Stop suffering from your knee pain now!

It has been reported that nearly 26% of all adults in the United States suffer from chronic knee pain. What’s more alarming is that nearly 60% of all adults suffering from chronic knee pain admit that they don’t report their pain to a medical professional due to their fear of becoming addicted to an opiate or pain killer in the treatment process. At Chicagoland Medical we want you to leave your fears behind! We offer non-invasive treatment options and alternatives to surgery that are available just for you!

What causes knee pain?

Knee pain can be derived from many different things. The most common cause of knee pain usually comes from an untreated acute injury, but knee pain can also derive from the bone tissue. The knee joint is made up of many different bones, ligaments, cartilage etc. An injury to any one of these components, along with the tissue around the joint, can trigger chronic knee pain. Additionally, old injuries are known for coming back and haunting you later. An untreated injury of the knee in your 20’s can come back and cripple you in your 50’s.
No matter what type of pain you’re in, Chicagoland Medical has a non-invasive treatment option ready for you. We offer a variety of different treatments for all knee pain whether it be sharp and specific or dull and throbbing.

How can we help with your knee pain?

Knee Pain Ttreatment

At Chicagoland Medical we treat patients suffering from knee pain every day. We customize our treatment plans based on each individual patient’s needs and offer non-invasive and effective strategies that are proven to show results. At Chicagoland Medical we go to the root of the problem and instead of offering medicine that will numb the pain, we offer solutions to relieve knee pain over the long-term.

Our process begins by running a comprehensive diagnostic test to determine the source of your knee pain. Based on those results, our knee pain experts will recommend treatment options that relieve the pain and actually fix the structural, muscular or bodily tissue that is causing the knee pain. After we identify a treatment option, you can start to feel better in just a few sessions!

If you are suffering from knee pain or have loss of mobility due to problems with your knee, look no further—Chicagoland Medical wants to stop your suffering now! Book your free consultation with one of our knee pain experts and start repairing and rehabilitating your knee now!

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