Top 50 Weight Loss Journeys Guaranteed To Lift Your Waning Morale

Unhealthy weight gain is a struggle that millions of people can identify with globally. With the highly stressed lifestyle, erratic working hours, and trying to juggle multiple demanding roles, individual’s trying to lose weight are caught in a vicious cycle that sometimes leaves them hopeless in their weight loss journey. Even though there is the widespread awareness about the dangerous effects of unhealthy lifestyle, working up the determination and willpower to get on a healthy lifestyle is what many people struggle with on a daily basis.

Sometimes, all it takes to get motivated are reading about the successful stories of people who underwent similar weight loss battles. And, in today’s social media saturated world, it is not difficult to find such inspiring weight loss journeys from around the globe. These successful weight loss journeys stand as a testament to the fact, that though, the journey is not an easy one, it is worth all the efforts you put in, as you are the ultimate beneficiary of all the advantages it brings in its wake.

Browsing through the Internet you are bound to find thousands of such stories, which can get a tad overwhelming. So, we scoured the Internet to narrow down your options, and picked the top 50 weight loss stories that are highly inspirational in the way the bloggers are transforming their bodies. These stories are sure to help you find your lost morale, hit the ground running, and make your unhealthy lifestyle a thing of the past.

Let’s get started with the inspiring stories.

1. The Fitnessista – Gina


Gina started writing this blog when she was in maintenance mode after having lost 40 pounds, but soon found that healthy options were pretty scarce. Going to Whole Foods and being able to harvest her own organic produce had her scared and excited. This blog was her way of sharing her healthy recipes and workouts with her personal training clients. While she kicked the blog off with diet foods, she has now transitioned to more whole, unprocessed foods. Her diet now majorly focuses on lean proteins, fruits, veggies, gluten-free grains, with smatterings of chocolate and wine. As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and weight loss specialist, Gina shares her valuable knowledge with an emphasis on quick workouts and quick, easy, healthy recipes through her blog.


2. Meals and Miles – Meghann

Meals and Miles

Growing up Meghann describes herself as an active kid and teenager who played soccer, danced, and was a cheerleader. Those active habits gave her the ability to eat whatever she wanted without even giving it a second thought. After graduating, she started a desk job, after which she found herself deleting more and more pictures of herself. She was never a fan of stepping on a scale, but, with the difference in her appearance becoming more and more evident, she became afraid to step on one. But, when she did, she hovered 20 pounds more than expected. Stepping off the scale, she knew she had to make serious changes.She started off by making little changes like removing unhealthy foods from her diet and began to run daily. She began to read food labels and numerous healthy living blogs which turned out to be her lifesaver. She derived the support on this journey through a cyberspace community that helped her to understand and gave her the motivation to make the necessary lifestyle changes. And, through this blog she aims to do the same for her readers.


3. All The Weigh – Kenlie

All The Weigh
Having grown up in a church as a pastor’s kid, Kenlie did not have an easy life back then. And, along with that she also was facing a battle with her weight. However, she did manage to successfully lose over a 100 pounds. Though she hasn’t regained all of it back, maintaining a healthy weight hasn’t been her priority in ages. She has made little lifestyle changes that are helping are get her weight back on track. She has reduced her portion sizes, and slowly finding her way back into an exercise groove. She has started doing more brisk walking and keeping herself hydrated, all as part of losing and maintaining a healthy weight. Even as she continues losing weight, and getting close to her 100 pound mark, she is determined not to let herself be defined by numbers. She strives to be at peace with the scale and thrilled with her progress. She plans to use this blog to discuss her feelings, struggles, and victories.


4. Back At Square Zero – Abigail

Back At Square Zero
Abigail describes herself as a wearer of many hats, including being a social media influencer, blogger, runner, and running coach. Her blog started out as a way to document her journey towards becoming a fit and healthy distance runner, and has now morphed into so much more. Through this blog she brings tales of her running and fitness journey, stories of races, as well as information and tips from her perspective as an RRCA Certified Running Coach. However, she has not always had it easy. An injury knocked her out of running for months, which resulted in her gaining back all the weight she had lost, and having to do it all over again. And, she uses this space to share with her readers all the ups, downs, and the in-between, without any sugar coating.


5. 300 Pounds Down – Holly

300 Pounds Down
There has never been a time Holly can recall not being hungry or food not being in her thoughts. In high school she was 10 to 15 pounds heavier, which marked the beginning of diet pills and the long list of diet failures. Even though she was always aware that she was overweight, her love affair with food kept growing stronger with each passing year. And, food quickly became her go-to solution for every stress in her life, and binge eating became her favorite pastime. And, before she knew it she weighed a massive 300 pounds.
Finally, she went on a low carb diet, and for the first time experienced relief from her cravings. She learned that cutting sugar and carefully monitoring her food sources was key to keeping herself from feeling constantly hungry, and she lost 104 pounds by avoiding these trigger foods. However, owing to other issues, she gained it all back plus more. It was finally when her weight peaked at 400 pounds the pain became excruciating, and she found the courage to flee the enemy. And, as she continues to learn how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and lose one pound at a time, she wants more than anything in this world to give hope to others on a similar path.


6. Just Keep Sweating – Carlyn

Just Keep Sweating
Carlyn, just like many out there, is on a continuous journey to lose weight, and chronicles the various aspects of her journey through this blog. Her weight loss journey comprises of hard workouts, sore muscles, and a lot of sweat, along with a diet filled with healthy foods. She regularly documents the various weight loss programs and exercises she follows to help her readers who might also be looking to lose weight. Also, having moved twice in less than two years and given birth to her first child has also had an effect on her lifestyle, and she realized how easy it is to lose yourself. Finding the time to juggle being a full-time mom, wife, employee, and other roles has been extremely difficult for her. She was working out but not giving her body the proper nutrition it needed. Nothing she did was clicking for her, till she found a program that helped her consistently get back into shape. She had the drive to work out hard, to fuel her body with clean foods, and allowed help from her coaches and friends.


7. A Journey To Thin – Alissa

A Journey To Thin
As somebody who suffers from binge eating disorder, Alissa knows all too well the unhealthy weight gain and other related problems that come with it. She never thought she would be labeled with that even though she struggled with food. Through this blog, she aims to share all about her unhealthy relationship with food, and how she is overcoming it one step at a time, one small change at a time. She discovered a program that helps people combat their binge eating disorder, and she is willing to try anything to overcome this condition. She also talks about dealing with body image for people with excessive weight, something that a lot of women out there will be able to identify with. She confesses how she begins to feel desperate, helpless, and afraid when she sees the shape of her body getting rounder, plumper, and fuller, and how she motivates herself daily to work hard towards sticking to a healthy lifestyle. The blog contains many other important tips and information to help individuals on a weight loss journey maintain a healthy lifestyle.


8. Fit This Girl – Mary Mack

Fit This Girl
Mary started her fitness journey 9 years ago when she lost 45 pounds. But, before that she had a high-powered job and was living a life that most people would call a glamorous lifestyle. However, she wasn’t happy and was a heavy drinker and smoker. She also suffered from depression and low self-esteem, which turned into a spiral that took her weight and along with it her health up and down. Her lifestyle changed with emotions and there was no consistency to it. She allowed food to control herself, and found solace in foods that gave her a high, and ate whatever junk she wanted. All of this eventually started taking a toll on her health as she started piling on the pounds, and her health started going downwards.

That is when she made a radical decision to completely quit that lifestyle, left corporate America, gave up smoking, and turned sober. One of the biggest obstacles she faced along her journey was herself, as she wanted to wallow in her depression and stay at her pity party. She was afraid to examine the reasons why she overate, over-drank, and had depression and fear. However, she pushed herself out of her comfort zone, and started charting out a healthy lifestyle. Now, she does not let food control her. Rather she uses it as a fuel to keep her body running, and eats clean most of the time. Through this blog she aims to motivate others to create healthy, sustainable habits in fitness, nutrition, and total wellness.


9. Carrots ‘N’ Cake – Tina

Carrots ‘N’ Cake
Tina loves food, hates dieting, and has mostly been a healthy eater. When she was younger she managed to stay active and maintain a healthy weight by participating in dance teams and intramural sports. After college, she started a desk job, and with that came long hours, pizza lunches, and happy hours. And her weight climbed to 153 pounds which was too much for her petite frame. Going through the photographs of a ski trip with her friends put things in perspective. A part-time job at the front desk of an upscale health club got her a free membership and the needed motivation to take control of her weight. Even though she was eating healthy food, she was eating too much of everything, so she started tracking her daily calorie intake, which helped her understand her overblown portion sizes. She finally reached her goal weight, but it took a lot of lifestyle changes. Through this blog she shares her successes, recipe tips, exercise regimen, and other tricks she has picked up along the way for a healthy lifestyle.


10. Peanut Butter & Peppers – Jennifer

Peanut Butter & Peppers
Jennifer was pretty active as a child and teenager. However, once she hit her 20s, with the discovery of pizza, bar, beer, guys, and friends, she started to let go of herself, and her weight slowly started climbing. Her wake-up call came when she had an asthma attack, and the doctor told her if she continued this route, she would die. Hitting near 200 pounds, she stopped drinking, however, didn’t exercise or cut back on her diet. In her mid-30s she started tracking her calories, and eventually also added exercises into her routine. Around this time she started a “Getting in Shape” group on Facebook, as she needed a place to share healthy living advice, and get the support she wasn’t getting at home. As she started meeting the little goals she set for herself, she found her energy levels increase, along with her self-esteem. That is when she decided to make it her lifestyle, and started reading up on healthy foods, exercises, and calorie intake. Through this blog she aspires to share the knowledge she has gained through the process of making healthy choices, and inspire others going through the same battle against their weight.


11. Andie Mitchell

Andie Mitchell
Andie had always struggled with weight, and was the one teased for her it. She decided to join YMCA with her best friend, and when she stepped on the scale to weigh herself, she found 268 pounds staring back at her, which was a terrifying moment for her. This filled her with motivation to turn her life around. She filled her plates with more fruits and vegetables, added more salads to her diet, swapped her usual snacks for a serving of nuts, and completely eliminated sodas. She was also committed to going to the gym five times a week, and either doing group fitness classes, using the elliptical, or power walking.

A little over a year after she had started, she weighed herself on the same scale, and was 135 pounds down. She even went to therapy to work on her emotional relationship with eating. Having achieved what she promised herself is the most exhilarating experience, and continues to draw her strength from it when self-doubt creeps in. She shares all her best lifestyle tips and healthy recipes in the hopes of inspiring many others to make that healthy start today.


12. Happy Food, Healthy Life – Holly

Happy Food, Healthy Life
Holly loves food with a passion, and she creates, shares, and enjoys food without any shame or guilt. However, it was not always this easy for her. Food used to be Holly’s enemy for the majority of her life. She spent countless hours obsessing over every calorie in every bite, always on the lookout for the next diet, detox, cleanse, or fast. Instead of eating real food and living an active life, she was just looking for a quick fix. As she saw the effects these quick fixes were taking on her life, causing frustration, leading to unhealthy habits, and ironically weight gain, she came to the realization she couldn’t do it anymore.
She gained a desire to live to the fullest and developed a new love for food. Now, she wants nothing more than to be physically and emotionally healthy, and live a long life without guilt. And, through this blog she wants to show her readers how they can do the same.


13. The Healthy Foodie – Sonia

The Healthy Foodie
As a former overweight, heavy drinker, chain-smoker, and food junkie, Sonia knows all too well the struggles that come with cultivating an unhealthy lifestyle. She started off by quitting smoking, after which she also quit drinking, reduced her portion sizes, and started making better food choices. As she started reading more on health and fitness, she became more interested in fueling her body with healthy food. With her diet cleaned up and having run her first half marathon, her transformation had clearly begun. She continued exercising and sticking to her healthy food choices, the benefits of which she reaped in terms of being physically and emotionally fit. Just as she has found her healthy balance, one step at a time, through her blog she shares the inspiration, recipes, and exercise routine that helped her achieve her healthy body weight and life.


14. Run Eat Repeat – Monica

Run Eat Repeat
Growing up as a chubby kid, for Monica that phase defined how she saw herself. After graduating from high school she decided to get rid of her chubby self, and after several fad and crash diets was heavier and sadder than ever.

Her body could not take the starvation patterns and she began to binge eat to cope. She went through a cycle of binging and restricting in college, and finally went to therapy for help. However, the scale did not show a healthy number as she kept up with her bad habits of mindless and emotional binging. Though it took her years to overcome her binging habits, she figured out how to treat herself well and lose weight. And, along the way she has also learned about accepting and loving herself along this journey. She did it and so can you.


15. Roni’s Weigh – Roni

Roni’s Weigh
Roni hated her body for as long as she could remember. From the age of 11 or 12 she started comparing herself to skinny friends and started hiding in baggy clothes. In high school she started dieting and a part of her wished she was anorexic, as she longed to be thin. During her college years, every school year she would gain about 20 pounds and lose half of that in the summer, only to find out she was 30 pounds heavier when she graduated.

Depressed and mad at letting herself go, she was on a mission post college. She finally found her weight loss solution in the low carb diet. She pushed herself out of her comfort zone, started making healthier choices, and getting more active. As long as she was journaling her food habits and staying honest, she was losing weight. Blogging about her struggles and successes has become a healthy outlet for her.


16. A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss – Erika Nicole Kendall

A Black Girl’s Guide
As a student at the University of North Texas, Erika had a close friend who would hit the campus gym, and started inviting her. At over 300 pounds, she figured it wouldn’t hurt. However, she could not commit to it, and eight months later when she moved back home she put on a good 30 pounds more. Undergoing various stress in her life and surviving on microwaveables, the weight just kept piling on. One day she went to the brand new fitness center opened up around the corner, weighed herself on the scale and almost had a heart attack. This was the push she needed to exercise regularly and invest in herself.

As time passed with a healthier diet and regular physical activity she started seeing the results. She writes this blog in the hope that others can read about her struggle and the catalysts for change, and use them as a motivation to start themselves up.


17. Yum Yucky – Josie

Yum Yucky
For Josie it all started with a pic of her melting leg. Pushing close to 190 pounds, she was always tired and had no energy to run and play with her kids. So, she started walking and counting the calories, and lost a little weight. Eventually she started running and added weight training to the routine. She slowly started reaching a point where she felt good about herself, gained confidence, and believed she could see this thing through the end.

It wasn’t until she started working out with high intensity and seriously dedicated herself to clean eating, that she started seeing major results. While she doesn’t starve her greedy side that craves for pies, cakes, pizzas, and all the melted buttery goodness, she balances this greed-fest with a healthy lifestyle. Even though she has fallen off the wagon occasionally, her dedication to living healthy and moving her body to stay fit never falters.


18. Eat Spin Run Repeat – Angela Simpson

Eat Spin Run Repeat
Angela was involved in tons of activities at school like soccer, basketball, running, hiking, golf, and swimming. Unfortunately, all of this physical activity was not enough to keep up with the way she was eating. As weight piled on, she eventually reached a point of extreme unhappiness and insecurity. She decided to take control of the situation and went on a determined weight loss journey. She learned how to live a healthier lifestyle, taught herself to cook, and developed an interest in plant-based nutrition.

Eating clean whole foods and staying active helped her lose 70 pounds, and these things continue to be the central aspect of her life even today. She started this blog to share her kitchen creations, fun workouts, and her personal experiences with the hope that it would inspire other people to live an active and fulfilling life.


19. Body Rebooted – Christina Russell

Body Rebooted
A loss from a late miscarriage at 20 weeks left Christina devastated and in a state of depression. This, coupled with anxiety, weight gain, and a huge body image problem, she was the unhappiest she had ever been. She realized it was affecting not just her but her entire family. It was that realization that prompted her to make a change, and she set off on a journey to better herself with a lot hard work and determination. Following a gluten free diet she lost over 60 pounds in 5 months, and that was just the beginning. She has since changed her career and became certified in nutrition and wellness and personal training. She uses this corner of her Internet space to share her knowledge on a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and much more.


20. Preppy Runner – Theodora

Preppy Runner
Theodara loved food, the only problem being, she loved the wrong kinds of foods. Her diet was full of heavy, fried food, and empty calories, along with a gym membership that went unused. In 2009 she decided to change all that. She gained a love for healthy food and exercise, and managed to lose 50 pounds. Her diet is filled with lots of fresh produce, lean protein, healthy fat, and whole grains. Given that the numbers on the scale and her happiness are correlated, she has been determined about cleaning up her meals and started running, which has now turned into an obsession. She invites her readers to follow along through her blog on her adventures to maintaining a healthy life.


21. My Bizzy Kitchen – Biz

My Bizzy Kitchen
Biz never had a weight problem growing up, as she played field hockey, indoor and outdoor track, and softball. However, fast forward 10 years, and she weighed in at 210 pounds. She hardly ever noticed the 10 to 15 pounds weight gain a year sneaking up on her. So, she and her sister enrolled in a weight loss program. At that point being undiagnosed pre-diabetic, she experienced rapid weight loss, and again gained 20 pounds in 6 months when she met her husband. Having gone through this cycle of weight loss and gain, and being a Type 2 insulin-dependent diabetic, she has come to realize that weight loss is not an overnight journey. Rather, it is a slow and steady process. In her blog she shares her favorite healthy recipes, and her slow and steady journey on this weight loss path. She is determined not to give up and hopes her readers will be inspired to do the same.


22. Authentically Emmie – Emily Ho

Authentically Emmie
Emily describes herself as a body positive fitness blogger. While she started blogging as Skinny Emmie, focusing on weight loss, she is now focused on living a healthy lifestyle and loving the body that she has. While she has lost over a hundred pounds, she has also learned to love herself no matter what size she is. Suffering from binge eating disorder and having battled a lifetime of yo-yo’ing she knows how incredibly frightening these things can be. So, instead of only focusing on losing weight, she is also focusing on gaining life and moving away from looking at the scale for validation. Through her blog she aims to make her readers understand that fitness is independent of size and how to overcome their skewed perceptions of failure and success.


23. The Fit Housewife – Jen

The Fit Housewife
After having her second child, Jen was depressed and 90 pounds overweight. Struggling with her weight and feeling tired all the time, she was ready for a change. However, she got pregnant with her third child and did not have any energy, time, or finances to join a gym. That is when a friend introduced her to at-home workouts. She immediately fell in love with it and saw her body change completely. Over the years she has increased her cardio endurance and overall strength, and completely cleaned out her eating habits. She started this blog to share not only her success story with the readers, but also to share how she exercises and the healthy foods she cooks for her family, all without sacrificing the flavor. Fitness and healthy eating have changed her life and she is looking to pay it forward with the help of this blog.


24. Prior Fat Girl – Jen Emmert

Prior Fat Girl
This blog started as a personal journal for Jen during her weight loss journey, a journey of losing 90 pounds by switching over to a healthy lifestyle. Binge eating had been part of her life for a long time. She was at an extreme point of emotional eating, and even though she was losing weight, she wondered if binges were just a part of her. However, what years of therapy could not accomplish was accomplished by a conscious decision on her part to change her diet for good. Though she is yet to see a drastic change in the numbers on the scale, the scale is only a part of her bigger journey.

Cutting 80% of sugar and processed carbs from her diet helped her successfully overcome her binging, and incorporate healthier choices in her daily diet. What started as a personal site to document her frustrations and successes, has grown to include the healthy journeys of others documenting their personal experiences, struggles, and goals achieved.


25. Runs For Cookies – Katie

Runs For Cookies
Katie was in the fourth grade when she was teased mercilessly about her weight, which made her realize she was bigger than the other girls her age, and started to feel ashamed about eating. This led to binge eating and her weight continued to climb all through school. Later on through college, after marriage, and through pregnancy her weight continued to climb, and she reached 271 pounds. One day her elder son asked her to run alongside his bike so he wouldn’t fall, and she couldn’t even make it the length of her street, which came as a rude awakening. That marked the beginning of her weight loss story. Over the next 16 months she tracked all her food on a food log, and after losing 60 pounds she started exercising, with running becoming her exercise of choice. She tries to live a life of balance, nothing too extreme on either sides.


26. The Happy Gal – Jenny Layton

The Happy Gal
Ten years ago Jenny woke up and decided there was more to her life than just getting by. This gave her the courage to pull all the skeletons out of the closet. Almost 20 years of binge eating and obsessing over her body image began to stop. She bravely reached out for help as she decided to confront her bad eating choices. She learned about healthy eating and effective exercises. She discovered the root cause of her eating disorder was her control and anxiety issues. Bursting at the seams with all this new-found knowledge she decided to start this blog, and pass on her recipes, workouts, and other inspirational tips to help other women regain control of their life.


27. 110 Pounds And Counting – Lisa Eirene

110 Pounds And Counting
It wasn’t until her early 20s that Lisa started gaining weight. A combination of factors that included unhealthy food choices, sugar addiction, medications, laziness, and depression that attributed to her weight gain. When her doctor said that she was pre-diabetic and wanted to put her on blood pressure medications, she had the rude realization. Since then, she decided to count her calories and wrote down everything she ate. Absolutely shocked at the calories she was consuming, she went the sacrificing and substituting route. She switched over to fruits and vegetables and cutting out sugar and pizza from her diet. Apart from that she also started swimming and running. Through this blog she tries to encourage others to keep at their weight-loss commitment, as there is no easy way to do it.


28. Brooke: Not On A Diet – Brooke

Brooke: Not On A Diet
Brooke’s journey started in 2009 when she found herself binging on over two dozen cookies in less than 24 hours after a horrible relationship. And, combining that with a breakdown in a dressing room surrounded by skinny jeans, she knew she needed a change. Thanks to her mother, she got started on this journey at which point she weighed 327.6 pounds. She started off her journey by focusing on mostly eating right and exercising a little. Over the years her eating habits have changed to focus more on less processed food and exercises that can be done at home. Having lost 172 pounds, she has gained the confidence and does her best to move her body as often as possible, fueling it with nutrient-rich foods.


29. Jennette Fulda

Jennette Fulda
Jennette started off her blogging journey by chronicling her weight loss process as she lost 200 pounds. She entered the world at 8 pound 5 ounces, and came close to leaving it at 372 pounds. While she was determined to work that weight off and start living a healthy life, there were many false starts that deterred her progress. After several false starts she decided to give it another go, and decided to stick through it. She decided it was either time to start living or start dying. As she continued through the cycle of losing and gaining weight, she journaled the entire process in her blog in the hopes of inspiring others going through a similar phase.


30. The Anti-Jared – Tony

The Anti-Jared
Even after having lost over 200 pounds, Tony cannot forget life at 420 pounds. He describes himself as a lifelong dieter who has tried every kind of fad diet. However, the problem was that while he would lose some weight, he would also gain it back and then some. For him losing weight was not about fitting into skinny jeans or being able to put on a seatbelt. He was hurting himself physically and also hurting his family by letting go of his health. So in 2008 he decided to lose the weight once and for all. Although his doctor suggested gastric bypass surgery, he did not choose to go that route. He decided to swap his unhealthy food choices for healthy, nutritious diet coupled with exercise, and decided to document the journey through this blog. Along with his experiences he also writes about other weight loss topics that could help others out, as the biggest motivation is in knowing that we all are in this struggle together.


31. No Thanks To Cake – Kelly

No Thanks To Cake
Kelly is a 30-something on a mission to transform her life through healthy living. Her story is of someone who struggled with weight since she was a teenager, with all the ups and downs and several body transformations. Being from the South, she grew up primarily enjoying biscuits, gravy, and fried everything. From eating out at restaurants on business travel to fast foods, she ballooned up over time, and there came a time when she weighed a whopping 256 pounds. It was a picture that she took with her friends that gave her the wake-up call, and she was absolutely determined to lose the weight. While she could have made excuses to justify her return to the old food habits, she adapted to the new lifestyle. In addition to featuring her food and exercise plan, one of her biggest support systems has come from blogging.


32. My Journey To Fit – Shelley

My Journey To Fit
Shelley decided to blog about her weight loss journey so that she could look back and see how hard she had worked to get the weight off. She started this blog on the same day she believed she will be on her final diet, and that day she weighed 256 pounds. With clean diet and exercise, she reached her lowest weight in over 20 years, 146 pounds. She even began training for a half marathon. While blogging was a means to having concrete evidence of her weight loss successes, failures, plateaus, and everything in between, it also turned out to be a space from where she received immense support from the community. Along with her sharing her fitness tips, ideas, healthy recipes, and advice, she has also received the same from others. As Shelley celebrates her scale and non-scale victories, she also aims to pass along the same motivation to others.


33. Beth’s Journey – Beth

Beth’s Journey
Beth vividly remembers the sting in the third grade when a classmate looked at her and remarked she was fat. It bruised her ego tremendously and she was embarrassed and ashamed. After elementary school she started putting on weight little by little, until in high school she passed the 200 pound mark by high school, and peaked around 250 during college. For some time she was in denial about how much she had let herself go and made excuses.

Having to buy a size 20 and a size 14 with extra fabric bridesmaid’s dress for her sisters’ weddings was her wake-up call. She started following a weight loss program and worked out five times a week, bringing her weight down to almost 180. However, waitressing in the summer brought back the unhealthy lifestyle again. But, a visit to her doctor’s office propelled her to get back on track, wherein she quit smoking, hit the gym, and changed her eating habits. Through this blog she takes her readers along on this never ending journey of weight loss.


34. It Sux To Be Fat – Jennifer Swafford

It Sux To Be Fat
A 30-something elementary teacher, Jennifer’s blog is about her journey of trying to lose over a hundred pounds. Having topped the scales at just over 280 pounds, she joined a weight loss program to get her life back in order. Moreover, she and her husband were planning to start a family which would have been difficult weighing as much as she did. She remained committed to the program and lost a total of 100 pounds. She also successfully completed her first half marathon in 2012. This blog was born out of a need to meet her weight loss goals, an issue she has been struggling with since college. Sharing her journey and inspiring others has also been a learning and humbling experience for Jennifer.


35. Double Chin Diary – Alyssa and April

Double Chin Diary
This blog introduces readers to the virtual journal of two sisters from either side of California, chronicling their struggles to lose weight while navigating a world filled with delicious food. This blog differs from other weight loss blogs in the sense it is filled with crunchy and crispy weight loss humor along with lots of yummy food. For April the wake-up call happened when she was on a flight back to her native land of Chicago, and to her disgrace found that her tray table wouldn’t fold over her thighs. Once back home she joined the local gym, with focus on circuit training and nutritional counseling. She also developed tools that continue to help her in her journey. She managed to drop 50 pounds over a period of 6 months, eating whole foods and exercising. Since Alyssa was diagnosed with PCOS, she has been following a supplement and medication regimen along with a low glycemic diet in consultation with her doctor. Readers can follow along as they share their weight loss experiences with a touch of humor to amuse, entertain, and educate.


36. Lose Weight By Eating – Audrey Johns

Lose Weight By Eating
Audrey has been heavy her entire life with her largest being 275 pounds and a size 20. Hating how she looked and felt, she tried every diet out there and followed every weight loss blog. She would lose a little weight and gain it back plus more when she gave it up. Having had enough of being fat, she read every blog, book, and website on losing weight, and a cookbook that highlighted clean eating. She started cooking three meals a day and taking better care of herself. Stopping all processed foods and increasing her water intake, her weight just started to fall off. She is a firm believer of being physically active along with a clean diet. She started this blog to give back to people out there who are in search of the right weight loss information just like her.


37. A Funeral For My Fat – Sharee Hansen

A Funeral For My Fat
By the time Sharee entered high school at 15 she was well past 200 pounds. Portion control was foreign to her, and she just did not know how to eat right. In her senior year of high school, she joined a weight loss program and lost some weight, but, gained it all back when she stopped. Devastated and embarrassed at 256 pounds, she decided to push her body harder. She switched to being a vegan, joined a gym, and got a personal trainer. Having stumbled across Zumba at a local fair, she was hooked, and was literally dancing the pounds and inches away. Weighing 163 pounds and being a size 6 took every ounce of strength she had. There is no magic to shedding the pounds. It takes eating right and hard work to see the results, and she is here to inspire many others to achieve their ideal weight goal.


38. Grit By Brit – Brit

Grit By Brit
Brit’s weight loss journey started in high school where she dropped 15 pounds with a weight loss program and then gained it back. Entering the working world meant packing on plenty of extra cushioning. She tried a few fad diets and officially reached a point where she was failing at every system. Along the way she had few slip-ups which helped her understand that not all plans are doable for the long haul. She proactively addressed those slip-ups and started feeling good and energetic. She has also started weighing herself every day which has helped her keep her weight in check, while she also constantly reminds herself to focus on fitness, health, and happiness as the bigger picture, not just the numbers on the scale. Weight management is a continuous journey, and through her blog she shares her successes and slip-ups to motivate her readers to develop and strengthen their healthy habits.


39. Fit To The Finish – Diane Carbonell

Fit To The Finish
Diane considers herself a true anomaly in the field of weight loss. Unlike many people who lose weight and promptly regain it back, she managed to lose 158 pounds and has successfully kept it off for over 16 years. Though she always kept saying she wanted to lose weight, she was never successful at implementing it as she never really embraced her obesity. She set certain goals like being able to climb a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing, ability to run after her kids, weigh under 200 pounds, and learn to make healthy and tasty meals. As somebody who has successfully managed to overcome the weight loss challenges, stick to a healthy eating plan, and create a new lifestyle that was sustainable, she doles out her secret tips, recipes, and advice to millions of readers who are traversing similar paths.


40. Khushboo’s Blog – Khushboo

Khushboo’s Blog
Up until the age of 16 Khushboo was obese according to BMI terminology. Having tried a number of fad diets, and not seeing the desired results, she realized a quick-fix approach was not going to cut it. With over 30 kilos to lose, she got started on a weight loss program that emphasized on a lifestyle change. And, this taught her healthy eating habits that that includes complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats. She believes in having everything in moderation, which means she does not have to give up on her sweet tooth cravings.

Along with a healthy nutrition, she also looks forward to her morning runs, which keep her physically active. Given the huge role a healthy diet has played in her life, she is constantly learning and reading up on ways to improve her diet, not just for weight loss but also for overall good health. And, shares those flavorful and healthy recipes along with other weight loss tips and advice through her blog.


41. Skinny Hollie – Hollie Johnson

Skinny Hollie
When Hollie started this blog she weighed in at 333 pounds, and was desperately trying to get her weight down. But, she was clueless about nutrition and fitness back then, and had tried every fad diet that was out there, and sometimes even starving herself. Being a mixed kid who was nerdy and fat, she was made fun of relentlessly. And, instead of eating less, she learned to eat in secret all the processed, sugary foods, which started her pattern of overeating. She went through many cycles of losing weight and gaining it back again. While her life and lifestyle saw many ups and downs, one thing that has remained constant is the amount of knowledge she gained from the experience. One December morning she decided it was time to stop falling back into her old habits and setting small weight loss goals for herself. And, as she continues on her journey, along the way she also coaches and mentors others who want to live healthier lives. Through this blog she hopes to inspire many others on a similar journey to never give up.


42. Diary Of An Aspiring Loser – Michelle

Diary Of An Aspiring Loser
Michelle started this blog to chronicle her weight loss journey. And over the course of her journey has also fallen off the wagon a few times. Till the age of 25 she stayed heavy, till one day something clicked and she decided to get into shape. She started off by making changes one at a time, and slowly but surely she saw the pounds dropping. After maintaining her weight loss for about 5 years, she relapsed and started putting on weight again. However, desperate for a change, she decided to join a weight loss program, and get back on a healthy lifestyle track. The idea that somebody would read her story and believe that they, too, can achieve what seems like an impossibility is one of the reasons she blogs about her weight loss journey.


43. Jena La Flamme

Jena La Flamme
Jena struggled with food, weight, and a bad body image for 10 years. At the age of 13 she had the picture of a tall, leggy, waif thin model tacked to the inside of her school locker door. This was the beginning of a decade of continuous struggle with her body, food compulsions, and binging episodes. Overeating became a source of release for her. She was caught in a cycle of secretive binging and purging rituals, with the added burden of shame and self-loathing.

Though, today she maintains a healthy, natural weight, the transformation did not happen overnight. It was through a series of learning from people and events that helped her take each step forward. She learned the art of consciously adding pleasure to her life that helped her escape from the hell of hating her body to losing weight naturally. As somebody who understand all too well the struggles, confusion, and bitterness associated with weight loss, she is determined to help other women lose weight and heal their emotional eating addiction.


44. Fit Bottomed Girls – Jennipher Walters, Erin Whitehead and Kristen Seymour

Fit Bottomed Girls
Jenn and Erin met while working for a magazine publishing company, and they quickly bonded over the big similarities in their lives. Among dissecting various aspects of their life, fitness was always a topic of conversation. Being a health nut, Jenn would keep Erin motivated when she needed it, and the two would enjoy their noon walks and Zumba classes. And, later with Kristen onboard, the three fitness conscious individuals effectively married their love of fitness with their love of writing. Through this blog they feature multiple posts with fitness content for people interested in improving their health and lives by means of physical activity and healthy eating, without any deprivation. Readers are also treated to personal accounts of their exercise endeavors, tidbits on healthy foods, workout music suggestions, and fitness humor.


45. Running Toward My Goal – Kim

Running Toward My Goal
Growing up Kim struggled extensively with her weight. She loved snacking on chocolates, pretzels, and other kinds of unhealthy food, which made her happy. As a result, she gained weight, and was the subject of much ridicule through her school life, which lead her to the lowest point in her life. However, all that changed one fine day when she joined her high school hockey team at the behest of her best friend. This sparked a new determination in her, which led to a complete lifestyle overhaul. She eliminated unhealthy foods, started counting calories, and started exercising. As a result, she now feels stronger, healthier, and more confident, physically and mentally. She started this blog in order to inspire someone and let them know that they are not alone in this battle and there is hope, no matter how impossible it may seem.


46. Fat-Fit-Fabulous – Lara

In October 2011 Lara got all dressed up to attend her best friend’s birthday. While she thought she looked great, the photos posted on Facebook a few days later said another story. It was right at that moment she decided to do something about her weight. As she started earning her own money, she often spent it on fast foods, and would drink every weekend, and binge on five different fast foods to cure the hangover. This lifestyle caused her to gain her highest weight of 265 pounds. Finally, getting sick of all the nasty remarks, she decided to do something about it. She started off small by reducing portion sizes, cutting out junk food, eating more fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly. Though there were many times she fell off the wagon, she continued undeterred. She started this blog to follow other people on a similar journey, and also to reaffirm her goals, and inspire others with similar struggles.


47. Keebs Losin It – Kelly

Keebs Losin It
Until January 2013 Kelly was fighting a losing battle with her weight and daily eating habits. She had tried everything from fad diets to ordering contraptions from the late night infomercials, with nothing to show for it. Once she realized that the best way to lose weight was to put her mind to it, it became a piece of cake. She started eating healthier and monitoring her proportions. After she lost 40 pounds she began to exercise and has run four 5K’s and a festive five miler. She is motivated to keep going as she has seen the tremendous change in her body, and her goal is to continue maintaining a healthy weight. While she is completely determined to change her life, she also hopes to help others do the same by sharing her inspiring story through her blog.


48. Keep It Up, David – David

Keep It Up, David
Having grown up watching family members struggle with weight, David doesn’t remember a time he wasn’t obese. In elementary school he would trade his healthy lunches for junk, and in middle school started dreaming about getting a driver’s license so he could hit a drive-thru for nuggets and fries. Even though he played soccer, water polo, and swam competitively, his poor dietary habits did him in. Along with the growing weight, his self-esteem tanked and he tried to kill himself twice at 16. After having tried many kinds of diet and failed, with his friend Richard Simmon’s encouragement, he started a food log, and also saw the biggest number when he weighed himself, 402 pounds.

He scaled back on processed foods, and increased lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Ever since, he has been consistently achieving his targets, sleeps better, is more energized, and feels great. It hasn’t been an easy journey, and through his blog, he aims to share his struggles and successes that readers can find hope from.


49. Running Diva Mom – Jamie

Running Diva Mom
As a shy girl, Jamie never tried out for sports or extra-curricular activities. She hated gym class and finished at the back of the pack, completely out of breath. In addition to that she would pile her body with junk food like pizzas and brownies, which continued into adulthood. From her seventh grade till freshman year, she would get physically sick, would skip breakfast, and pack only liquids for lunch. During her sophomore year she went back to eating junk food and putting on weight. She was unhealthy and miserable. With the encouragement of a co-worker, she joined a weight loss program, and learned the value of food and would think twice about the value she was putting in her mouth.

One day she tried running to take care of the weight that crept back in, and was hooked. Since then she has run close to 50 half marathons and eight full marathons. Combined with an overall healthy diet she has managed to maintain a healthy body. She believes it is important not just to share her successes but also her struggles, as they have made her appreciate who she is today.


50. The World According To Eggface – Michelle

The World According To Eggface
Michelle remembers herself as being a chubby girl always. An overweight teen, she gained even more through her college years. Every time she would go to the doctor’s office, even for a sore throat, she would be told that she needs to lose weight. Without any proper direction or support, she would go home and try the latest fad diet, buy the bestselling weight-loss book, or DVDs from the late night infomercial. Sometimes she would lose few pounds, and sometimes the scale just wouldn’t budge. Having lost her dad to congestive heart failure and going through painful and life-threatening conditions, she decided to take control of her health. While she opted for the weight loss surgery, her battle does not end there. It is a lifelong battle she continues to wake up every day and fight by making healthier choices every day. She uses her blog to share her healthy recipes, menus, and tips for others on a similar path.


Though every person’s story is unique, they are all bound by the common denominator of not giving up even when it all seemed impossible. Even though at times you fall off the wagon, you do not have to necessarily stay there. Each of these 50 individuals are a proof of the fact that it all starts with the little changes, which add up into big positive changes. Staying the course with determination is the best gift you can give yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and also to your loved ones.

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