Top 15 Healthy Food Blogs Guaranteed To Make Healthy Eating Fun And Easy

Given the rise in the number of health problems, escalating stress in people’s professional lives, and the easy access to processed foods, it is no surprise that obesity and other lifestyle related health problems are going up by the day. Hence, healthy choices have become the norm for this generation. Many leading nutritionists and medical practitioners concur on the fact that one of the major areas that is responsible for messing with people’s health are unhealthy eating habits.

As much as people are aware about the need for developing healthy food habits, for many people sourcing for healthy food options and eating healthy is more like a chore. This deters them from putting in any effort to making healthy choices in their daily eating habits. Moreover, in a world filled with creamy cheese pastas and pizzas and desserts with heavenly layers of chocolate, it would take more than strong willpower to be gorging on salads.

Getting on a medical weight loss program under the supervision of trained nutritionists and doctors has helped many people lose excess weight and maintain a healthy body. However, delicious food never fails to tickle the human psychology. When the healthy alternative to the pastas and pizzas prove to be equally lip-smacking and inviting to the eyes, then, people are automatically drawn to it and find it easier to incorporate in their lifestyle. Many people who have successfully managed to switch over to healthy eating have also taken the pains to pen down their creative and healthy recipes.

Below are the top fifteen bloggers who not only follow a wholesome diet, but also blog about recipes and tips for healthy cooking, which can provide their readers with valuable nuggets to help them along on their journey.

1. Deliciously Ella

Ella Woodward’s whole journey started after being diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, which had a devastating effect on her life physically and mentally. Having just turned 20 and spending most of her time in bed, she realized she needed to make a drastic lifestyle change. She started reading about healthy eating and decided to cut out processed foods from her diet and switched over to whole foods and plant-based diet. Ella admits that changing the way she ate was a big challenge, but it was also single-handedly the best decision she has ever made. Apart from this, she also needed a hobby to indulge herself in, to help her mental state. Hence, starting this blog served two purposes and has played a huge part in making her who she is now. Through her blog she aims to educate her followers how easy it is to create nourishing, delicious meals from simple, natural ingredients.

2. Oh She Glows

Angela Liddon suffered from an eating disorder from the age of 11 or 12 up until her mid-twenties. As a result, she suffered from amenorrhea as her body fat was too low to function properly. After seeing ups and downs in her weight journey, 2009 was a monumental marker in her life, when things started coming together, she learned to have fun with food, and fell in love with cooking. That is when her mindset about food underwent a drastic shift. After entering recovery and getting professional help, she is now in a place where she eats plant-based diet that makes her feel amazing and do activities that she enjoys. Food used to be the enemy, but now it is a huge source of pleasure in her life, which is exactly what she wants to pass along to her loyal followers who are struggling with eating disorders or weight issues. Follow her blog for energizing, plant-based recipes, most of which are gluten-free and are allergy friendly.

3. Kathryn Bruton

Kathryn Bruton is a food stylist and writer who has extensive experience of working in the industry and is passionate about cookbooks. She has been involved with and worked behind the scenes at some of the most famous culinary shows on television and has also been involved with some famous cookbook authors. Combining her passion for cooking with her extensive industry experience, she started this blog and has even penned a book that makes healthy eating enticing and exciting for people looking to incorporate recipes that are high in nutrition and low in calories into their everyday lives. Follow her blog for ideas on show-stopping dishes bursting with flavor for every meal of the day.


4. Wholeheartedly Healthy

Laura Wilson started this blog as a way to keep herself motivated after losing weight, also ran a marathon and became a vegan in a bid to be the healthiest she could be. However, at her lowest weight she was the furthest from healthy and suffered from some extreme hormonal issues that took years to fix. To make herself well again she stopped being a vegan, reduced how much she exercised and decided to chill out to reduce her stress levels. That is when she started a journey to love herself more and connect to what she really wanted out of life. She studied to be a health coach and set up her own business to empower women everywhere to ditch the diet, get healthy, and feel fabulous. Through her blog she teaches women that it is all about eating a range of wholesome delicious food that nourishes their body, while also indulging in treats that nourish their soul.

5. My New Roots

Sarah Britton started this blog in her attempt to share the edible inspirations from her playtime in the kitchen and her deep love for whole foods. Having received her education in Holistic Nutrition, she discovered so many things that she believed needed to be public information. Hence, she set up this non-biased space where she could share the incredible knowledge and people could come and learn how to take better care of themselves through diet and lifestyle. She herself has experienced immense changes in herself since making little, positive changes every day, and she aims to pass along these valuable gems to her readers. Read her blog for recipes and ideas revolving around her plant-based way of eating and discover a whole new world of flavors and nourishment.

6. Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes

For Heather Poire, the start of this blog was the start of her healing journey. In 2008, she became very ill and doctors were unable to diagnose with 100% surety what was wrong with her, except for diagnosing her with acid reflux, heart burn, and a myriad of minor illnesses. In spite of all the medications she took, her weight dropped and her symptoms never subsided. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and passing out on two different occasions owing to dehydration and malnutrition, she began researching more holistic means of treatment and felt like she was getting her life back. She went off all her medications and has been in remission. She truly believes she has her plant-based way of life to thank for. She is passionate about life and all living things, and shares this passion with her readers through this blog.

7. Naturally Ella

Erin Alderson founded this blog as she embarked on a journey to good health. Since then, the site has grown into a large resource for natural cooking and vegetarian recipes. Having grown up on fast food, being overweight for her entire youth, and watching her father suffer a heart attack, she had her wake-up call during her college years. With a sensible diet and exercise, she got herself down to a reasonable weight. Since then, she developed a passion for learning and sharing her knowledge in order to empower others to cook. Her mantra is to exercise regularly and eat what she wants without being too obsessive about anything. Whether you are looking for ideas for a recipe, want to explore an ingredient, or plan your meals, you will find all that and more over here.

8. Gutsy By Nature

Jaime Hartman’s long and complicated medical history includes a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, short bowel syndrome, sever anemia, food allergies, and more. Finally in 2013, she decided she was not willing to settle for being so sick, and began investigating natural diet-based approaches to healing her gut. She started out on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and now follows an eating plan inspired by the Paleo diet movement, that includes lots of grass fed meats and organic veggies and fruits. It eliminates most refined foods, including the gluten containing grains. She has managed to build a healthy foundation by eating a nutrient dense anti-inflammatory diet, and is sharing her story and knowledge with the world in the hopes of helping people with similar challenges.

9. Something New For Dinner

Started by a Kim Pawell who has been cooking for her family for the last 25 years, this blog has recipes to help readers whip up nutritious home-cooked meals. She uses this space to share dinner recipes she has prepared for her family over the years, which are a combination of recipes she has created, found in cookbooks and magazines, and also learned from family, friends, and other cooks. While regular family dinners are becoming harder to achieve in today’s fragmented lives, family dinners remained an important cornerstone for raising her children, which provided them a time to laugh and enjoy together. This served as an inspiration for this blog through which she hopes to inspire her readers to cook and create their own nutritious recipes. She also hopes that people understand the importance of home-cooked meals and stop their reliance on fast and overly processed foods which has become a ticking time bomb.

10. The Lemon Bowl

Liz Della Croce has been sharing her delicious and healthy recipes through this blog in the hopes of helping others achieve the weight loss success she has successfully accomplished. She uses real ingredients with an emphasis on seasonality and has managed to build a growing audience of loyal readers who crave to provide their families with real wholesome meals. She has managed to successfully achieve her personal weight loss milestones, and wants to help others reach similar goals. Head on over to her blog to find practical advice, resources, and information to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



11. Food To Glow

Kellie Anderson describes her blog as her personal slice of the Internet where she shares her original, globally inspired recipes using whole, natural ingredients. Being a cancer health educator, her blog also shares juicy nutritious facts and thoughts. Food is a big part of her life, and has been providing nutrition workshops and individual sessions for those who need a bit of a boost to their energy and immunity during their cancer treatment and recovery. If you are looking for healthy, plant-heavy recipes with an occasional decadent twist, then this is the blog you need to turn to. She also suffered from an auto-immune disorder and changing her diet 25 years ago has kept her off medications. Most recipes on the blog are original, while the rest are healthier tweaks on old favorites, cookbooks, magazines, and Internet finds.

12. The Healthy Apple

Amie Valpone started this blog after suffering with digestive issues for years and healed herself from a decade of chronic pain that changed her life for the better. After being diagnosed with a host of physical ailments, she began to realize that medicines could only do so much. She needed a major overhaul of her lifestyle. She decided to go on an organic, clean lifestyle, and made fresh, unprocessed food as part of her lifestyle. This helped restore and replenish her body and she has remained symptom-free ever since. She understands how difficult it can be to create a clean lifestyle and also how hard it can be to find the time in our hectic lives to make home-cooked and nutritious meals. Her blog will show you just how easy it is, and how fresh, whole foods can keep your body healthy and happy.

13. Stone Soup

Jules Clancy has two big loves, food and simplicity, and is on a mission to help her readers enjoy more tasty and home-cooked meals. She believes cooking and eating are life’s two great pleasures, and cooking for oneself is the best things you can do for your own health and well-being. She does not believe in counting calories or any kind of diet fads as they take the pleasure out of food and for most people don’t work in the long term. She has PCOS and type II diabetes which she keeps under control by restricting her eating to low carb/high fat to keep her blood sugar under control. Through her blogs, she aims to inspire her readers to focus on building healthy habits around eating well and being active.

14. Fat Free Vegan

Susan Voisin is a strong supporter of everything vegan and doesn’t eat or wear anything that’s made of or by animals. She went vegetarian in 1988 and then later also eliminated all animal products from her diet, learned how to cook without added fat, and lost over a hundred pounds. She believes what we eat affects our health and it also feeds our senses, affecting us not only physically but also emotionally. Food is a celebration and cooking is a gift she gives to her family and friends. Apart from being healthy, she also wants it to taste equally good, which is why she started this blog. Her blog is her attempt to show others that a healthy vegan diet does not have to be boring or bland.


15. Amuse Your Bouche

Being strapped for time is a real concern in today’s world. And, when you have to plan your daily meals with all healthy options, it could be seen as quite time consuming. Becca’s blog is the perfect solution for such people. She is a cheese loving vegetarian and also passionate about cooking and eating delicious food, which is also healthy. However, being a self admitted lazy person, she also is constantly on the lookout for recipes that can be whipped up in 30 minutes or under. From appetizers, side dishes, light lunches to main meals and desserts, you can find lots of recipe inspirations here which are simple, nutritious, and delicious vegetarian fares. And, best of all, you will be out of the kitchen in no time.



It is easy to get addicted to fast and processed food, given its easy accessibility and not taking much effort. However, these bloggers are on a mission to prove that eating healthy does not have to be a mundane task with servings of bland food. It can be downright exciting, fun, and creative, and can taste equally good as the processed food.

Nutritionists opine that wrong choice of diet is one of the major causes of many leading diseases today and also affects the mental and emotional state of a person. Prolonging your efforts to go the healthy route only leads to more and more damage. There is no better time to start than today, be it getting on a medical weight loss journey or making the effort to overhaul your dietary habits. Hop on over to one of these blogs, where you will find plenty of inspiration to get cracking on a nutritious and delicious eating journey.

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