The Future of Stem Cell Treatments

Future of Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cell treatment is not a new concept anymore. People all over the globe are becoming more aware of this miraculous treatment. Every year, several parents are investing in stem cell banking given the enormous benefits it offers. It is a big boon to medical science since it provides a new ray of hope for treating so many diseases that were once considered life-threatening or incurable.

Stem cells are human embryonic cells or red blood cells that are being increasingly used to treat a wide range of diseases. Interestingly, there are many different types of stem cells present in our body that are used to serve different functions.

For decades, scientists have been looking for possible cures to deadly diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Stem cell technology proves to be the most potent and effective treatment for these diseases.

Research has shown that stem cells – present in the bone marrow – can be used to cure Parkinson’s disease and heart disease. Stem cell technology has also been found to be useful in treating various types of cancer. From tissue regeneration to easing pain, stem cells claim to cure almost anything under the sun. With the increasing recognition of stem cell technology, it has become relatively easy to store stem cells.

Many theories about stem cell technology are being coined. Some researchers are of the opinion that using stem cells from your own body to cure a disease doesn’t necessarily mean that it is completely safe. For all you know, stem cells from a particular part of your body might already be infected with pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Another complication that is most likely to arise is the risk of the stem cells becoming contaminated while being tested in the research laboratories. Using contaminated stem cells can not only obstruct the normal function of the cells, but also affect the growth of cells. How a doctor performs a stem cell treatment and the places on the body where stem cells are injected makes a major difference. If medical practitioners inject them in to areas where they are not usually found could prove fatal.

Patients need to be extremely careful before they decide to go in for stem cell treatments and the clinic from where they have the treatment done. Many clinics that offer stem cell treatment post ads in strategic places such as newspapers or on Facebook and other websites. It is very important to check the authenticity of these sites. They may not give complete information and one must also make sure that stem cell technology is actually useful to treat the ailment of the patient. The testimonials of previous patients may not always be real. It is very easy to get such testimonials from people who are paid for posting them.

Although, many scientists constantly debate about the effectiveness of stem cell technology over the use of adult tissues; one can still expect many new findings in this field in various countries for years to come. There is a lot to stem cell technology that still needs to be uncovered to discover the full potential of stem cell therapy.

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