Importance of seeing a doctor immediately after auto accident

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When an auto accident occurs many people don’t go to the doctor or hospital after the incident. Sometimes people do not have any exterior injuries so they avoid seeing a doctor. In the case of a minor accident, you should go to the doctor and seek medical help if required. In the case of major accident call an ambulance for medical help. It is necessary to receive proper medical care and also important for compensation of psychological and physical damages. Seeing a doctor, immediately after a traffic incident, is not only important for your health but it’s necessary for your insurance claim against the faulty driver. If you delay for medical attention it negatively affects your health, as well as an insurance company may deny the coverage. After an auto accident, your first priority should be to get medical care for injuries. It helps to protect your health and legal rights.

Guidelines for seeking a medical care after auto accident:

  • Get any medical care offered at accident site
  • Within 24 hours of accident, visit your doctor and request a full body examination to determine the hidden injuries.
  • Keep the follow up appointment with specialist if recommended by doctor. It will help in recovery.
  • Request for all medical records to stay away from any further dispute.
  • Common accidental injuries are bone fractures, brain injury, herniated disc, spinal injury, and whiplash. Delay in treatment after auto accident is a big mistake people usually do. It can put your health at risk. Immediate medical attention helps you in fast recovery and protects you from severity of injuries.

Reasons for seeking a doctor immediately after road incident even if you feel that you are fine:

Effect of adrenaline: When a traffic accident occurs adrenaline runs high in our body because an accident is a baffling and fearsome experience. It can cover the symptoms of accidental injuries and make you feel no pain. Sometimes injuries are not apparent and there may be internal injuries including internal bleeding or brain injuries, which can be life menacing.

Official records of injuries: Official records of your injuries are important to know the severity of injury. If you delay for medical care, status of injuries can change as they begin to heal or can be severe without treatment.

Accidental claims: Visiting a doctor just after the accident help you to get claim and compensation easily. If you don’t go to doctor after accident, a claim can be denied because you have no official proof to show that you were in an accident and were injured.

Hidden injuries: Shock can cover the injuries and can make you feel that you have no pain and you are fine. . Most common hidden injuries are face and back injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, head injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

Injury diagnosis: Most accident injuries can be recognized easily by X-Rays, MRIs and CT Scans but some injuries are harder to determine. Immediate medical help and proper follow up with doctor can be helpful to diagnose those injuries.


When you get in an auto accident you should see a doctor first. It is important for both health and compensation. It decreases the chances of severe injuries. Even if you are feeling fine after accident, you should visit a doctor immediately to know the possibility of any injury because sometimes symptoms arise after few days of accident.

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