How hyaluronic acid can help you with knee pain

Molecular structure of Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan), 3D rendering

Joint pain has become one of the most debilitating diseases among people of all age groups. Knee pain is the worst among the joints pains. The quality of your life could be affected if you have to struggle too much to get on with your daily tasks and the pain that comes after completing those tasks could be even worse. But hyaluronic acid can help you with knee pain; In fact, it could even provide long-lasting relief from pain.

What is Hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a similar substance that occurs naturally in synovial fluid surrounding the joints, connecting tissues, skin, and eyes of the body. These fluid acids act as the lubricants in the joint making the bones glide against one and other smoothly.

How does it work?

HA is taken orally or injected directly into the affected area under the supervision of a trained physician. HA and the cartilage combine together to form a lubricating cushiony substance that acts as a shock absorbing agent around the area. This combined system helps us to tolerate the wear and tear functioning of our body.

Hyaluronic acids for osteoarthritis of knee

Osteoarthritis is the most common health problem among the developed nations. Osteoarthritis is the condition of reduced concentration of hyaluronic acid in the body; as a result, the joints cause pain, stiffness and swelling. When the HA injections are injected into the affected joint, it restores the degenerated hyaluronic acid and relieves pain and stiffness.

Advantages of using hyaluronic acids for the knee

  • Injections made from specific type of hyaluronic can last up to six months with just three shots
  • It reduces pain and stiffness immediately after a few hours of injection
  • It relatively has fewer side effects than other conventional treatments
  • Opting for hyaluronic injections can avoid minor surgeries and other complicated treatments
  • Hyaluronic acids do not cause gastric bleeding, ulcer or kidney problems
  • It is the most effective treatment for osteoarthritis symptoms

How can HA capsules help you?

HA capsules are considered as dietary supplement hence it can be taken without a prescription. They are safe to use, cost-efficient and have fewer side effects.

Research suggests that taking hyaluronic acid orally increases the productivity of the synovial fluid. Patients who consumed 80 grams of HA daily for two months reported to have reduced severity of the pain by 33 percent and those who had consumed 200 grams daily for a year showed strengthened joints and ligaments.

Hyaluronic injections

HA injections have significant improvement in pain and improve joint function. Most people with severe pain can take these injections every three weeks for long lasting benefit, however the number of injections may depend upon each individual’s severity of pain and their health conditions.

Precautions for hyaluronic acid for knees

After the hyaluronic injections, you may require some time before you continue your daily task. So you should avoid physically straining activities such as jogging, tennis, weight lifting, etc. Overall HA treatments are beneficial to many. So if you wish to use hyaluronic acids for knee treatment consult your physician.

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