7 Health Benefits of Chiropractic for a Senior Citizen


Chiropractic care has long been the art of healing and is now widely being accepted as an alternate form of therapy. Expert chiropractors have been providing instant relief to patients of the older age group. Elder patients reap the many benefits of a chiropractic treatment method. The benefits reaped thus is as a direct result of the correct alignment of the spine. Many are aware that chiropractic care is beneficial for the alignment of the spine.

However, many of the people who can benefit the most from are not aware of the benefits that it offers. Various benefits of chiropractic care have been enlisted within this article.

1. Pain relief

Chiropractors have a knack to identify the underlying issue of any pain-related disorder and providing the appropriate treatment. Most commonly occurring disorder among the elderly is lower back pain. Millions of patients suffer from lower back pain every year in the United States. The alternate form to attain pain relief is pain medication. In the light of recent news coverage regarding opioid abuse, this is not a viable option anymore.

2. Increase range of motions

Most of the people belonging to the older age group are unable to perform daily activities like gardening, picking up their grandchildren, and simply making it to the refrigerator from the sofa among many other things. The inability to perform all of the above-mentioned tasks can be attributed to a misaligned spine. An expert in the field can easily manipulate the spine to get back in line and help such people find relief from pain. Apart from that, chiropractic care will also provide an increased range of motion in the limbs. This can lead to performing routine activities with considerable ease.

3. Increasing coordination in the extremities

A vast majority of issues that people of a certain age suffer from is due to injuries and the inability to balance one’s own body. The affected region in most of such cases is the cervical (neck) region. The presence of mechanoreceptors in the posterior of the cervical region is responsible for signals sent back and forth in the brain to maintain the balance of the body. These mechanoreceptors send signals to showcase the position of the head with respect to the body. With each passing year of a person, these receptors also degenerate and are prone to mild defects. This further leads to the loss of proprioception – the sense of body awareness. Chiropractic treatment is an effective form of treatment in this case. Research has indicated that chiropractics is an efficient form of treatment for such conditions.

4. Halting further joint degeneration

The misaligned spine wears out as time passes. All the parts associated with perfect spine synchronization wear out eventually. Hence, it is of utmost importance that proper chiropractic care is given to these parts at regular intervals. These intervals can vary based on your chiropractor’s recommendations. Chiropractic care can make sure that the degeneration level of the spine decreases significantly and also, other arthritic changes that affect the body by normalizing spinal functions and reduction in the levels of spinal stress.

5. Improving lifestyle

Chiropractic care always has more to offer than just pain relief to patients. It is the way of nature to deteriorate every living organism as it ages gradually. The process of living cells also follows this law of nature. This causes the spinal cord cells to start degenerating and thus, many health related issues arise. A good way of dealing with these inevitable problems is to take proper precautionary measures. Chiropractic care is just the right form of treatment to combat this future issues that might arise to rapid disintegration. Hence, chiropractics is not only able to provide relief from pain but also improve the overall lifestyle of a person.

6. Decrease accidents due to falling

People of the elderly age group are more prone to falls and accidents in a homely environment. This is due to weakened muscles and the inability to maintain a proper body balance. The CDC has estimated roughly 90% of the fractures that occur due to a fall is attributed to people aged over 65 annually. Chiropractics does an amazing job in realigning the spine to allow the steady flow of mechanoreceptors on the posterior of the cervical region. Apart from regular chiropractic sessions, one can follow a regimen of stretching exercises, which can lead to an improved way of living and to avoid falls.

7. Staying out of nursing homes

There was a study conducted in 1996 titled “Chiropractic Care for the elderly” by Dr. Ian Coulter. This study showed various connections between the elderly group and the disorders they faced. The groups were divided into two: a group that underwent chiropractic treatment at some point in their life & a group that did not go through any form of chiropractic treatment. The case studies of such patients found that 44% of the people who underwent chiropractic care under a skilled chiropractor had no arthritis and 66% of the group that did not go through any had arthritis.

Furthermore, the people who had undergone certain chiropractic care treatments were able to perform strenuous exercises, while people who hadn’t had a single chiropractic session weren’t able to. A lot of focus was laid on the stats that only 5% of the people who opted for chiropractic treatment had to stay at a nursing home while an astonishing 48% who did not undergo any such treatment had to stay at a nursing home. A similar yet slightly different case showed that 26% people who had chiropractic care given to them had to be hospitalized at a later stage in life while 48% of the non-chiropractic group had to be hospitalized.

To conclude, chiropractic care always has been called the art of healing. It is the body healing itself through proper spinal positions and the results thus seen are a direct result. There are many expert chiropractors around the Aurora, IL area; however, doing proper research on things you should be prepared about during your first visit, will go a long way in helping you and your chiropractor both.

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